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If you already have your own website and feel this offer is compatible with your content then please feel free to promote 'Magic Button Ebooks!' using the tools supplied below.

So what are you waiting for? Getting started is easy. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Generate your affiliate link.

My Training Program is sold securely through Nanacast so you will need a Nanacast affiliate ID if you do not already have one.

It's a simple procedure - to signup as an affiliate.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you have a Nanacast Account to promote other products listed by others using Nanacast you MUST signup as an Affiliate in my account or else your sale will not be tracked back to you.

Not difficult was it? - Now you are ready to start! All you have to do is insert your new Nanacast affiliate ID anywhere where you see 'XXX' in the tools below.

Below, I have provided you with a full and varied selection of different tools, ready to use, for you to start promoting the 'Magic Button Ebooks!' service today.

Remember to replace your Nanacast Affiliate ID wherever you see 'XXX' and simply choose the resource options available that best suit your situation and follow each step as laid out. You can't go wrong!

Please make sure you use your Nanacast affiliate link to ensure your sales are tracked and that you receive your payments. Your Nanacast affiliate link is unique to you

This is what it will look like:

Simply replace the three red crosses with your unique Nanacast affiliate ID.

If you are already signed up with Nanacast but haven't used it for ages and are not sure where to look to find your affiliate ID, visit the reporting section on their site where your affiliate ID will be displayed prominently.


Article Marketing is a highly recommended method and very effective if your articles are keyword optimized. It's free if you are writing them yourself and one of the best ways to get started. The traffic you get from articles that are published online is always highly targeted and the readers are often reading for a reason; because they are ready to buy!

Publish your article to article directories such as etc. You will need to change it around to keep it unique if you decide to publish on various websites, as well as your own blog etc. All you have to do is think up another compelling title and do a simple re-write in your own words.

You can also use your article, or a variation of it as an email, or post it on your website, journal or blog. You can even make a video using the content.

In fact, you should try as many of these methods as you can so that you leverage to full effect. Certainly try turning your articles into videos and post to Youtube for additional free traffic. You simply need to read them out and use some images to create the video articles.


A signature ad is a line of text that you can automatically insert at the bottom of every e-mail that you send to friends or clients i.e. if you have a Yahoo, AOL or MSN email account then you can copy and paste the signature below to your outgoing mail or alter it to one of your own to make everyone aware of your involvement with this excellent traffic getting guide.

Signatures are very effective also when used on Forums. You are often able to enter discussions about this subject and attach your signature file to the bottom of any comments you make.

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Do You Agree That I Have Made This Easy For You?

I am confident that the resources above are going to help you get started with promoting my 'Magic Button Ebooks!' service, but guess what? I have found on many occassions that a lot of people simply don't even give it a try - even when they have everything they need to succeed right under their noses ready to copy and paste on most occassions.

Remember, my 'Magic Button Ebooks!' service is a high quality service that will make you commissions of $200 per sale for every sale you make and I already know that there are a lot of potential buyers out there waiting to click your links, spend their money and buy today, which means your efforts will not be a waste of time...

I have done my best to provide you with a selection of useful tools above to help you to get moving.

But, just one more thing, Before you start...

I'm here to help, but you must be willing to help yourself.

So now it's time to start your business today.

Remember, the small amount of effort you put in right now, will pay off for years to come as an affiliate of this program...that's the beauty of the internet!

There are lots of eager buyers out there looking for quality information like this to help them succeed!

I Wish You Success!



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